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 $700  Sabre-1 135 with new line set

This 1995 Sabre 1  135  has been stored in a closet for years. It only has about 500 jumps on it so we put a new line set on her. Some of the pink color is a bit faded but no holes, patches or damage.

$700   Spectre 107 with new line set

This Spectre is a mid 90's canopy that is in very good shape. It has a brand new line set and this canopy is ready to jump.

  $1750  Talon 2 with Spectre 135 PDR 143

Used Talaon 2 in great shape.   PDR 143 was recertified at PD this year. Triathalon has a few small patches that have been professionally repaired. All pieces from 1995. Good cheap belly flyer rig.  Container size is for smaller person 5' 0" to 5' 4"   Price is $1999.

$2400  New Javelin J3K   C-16 Harness

This is a brand new Javelin J3K from last year that has never been assembled and jumped. Holds a typical 170/160 combo. Made for 5' 6" to 5' 8". This was $3200 when new, save $800 if its the right container for you.

$550   1994 Sabre-1 107

This 1994 Sabre-1 107 is an older canopy but it doesn't have too many jumps on it (approx 700), and there is a lot of life left in it. You can't get a good canopy  for any less than this.