In Stock Now

We now have over 70 brand new vector containers coming into our stock program every year to give you the best chance to find the container size you want with the fit you need . As far as we know, these are the only stock Vector rigs available anywhere in the country, and perhaps in the entire industry!  These containers are on the shelf and ready to ship. They are listed here by container size first then by harness size . These are containers only, and do not include canopies or AAD. Ask about our Bundle Discounts if you need to add them.

Hey Gang, the only containers we have in stock at this time are on the Javelin Odyssey Stock page.

Thank you for your support !!

Sorry guys. This is a very busy year and we have not been able to get more Vector containers fast enough.  Try the Coming Soon page or message us. There are some rigs on order that have not made it to the website yet.   Thank You !